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Go wild with the color of your hair!

12 Apr. 2018 / Hair Style

The best thing about your hair is that you can experiment with it through cuts and styles, colors and highlights, playing with it and creating a look that’s unique to you. Choose from a range of your favourite colors – whether they’re shades of blue or orange or purple, or a combination of these – and let them inspire you to experiment and try something quirky with your hair this summer!

Colors and highlights can be used in myriad ways through different techniques to achieve on-trend looks this season. There are no limits, no rules, and no boundaries with what you can do with the colour of your hair.

You can take a look at going dark with warm tones like Rusty Copper, Fiery Red, Burgundy, and Mulled Wine etc. along with a high shine finish. You can also jazz your hair up with mixed and contrasting colors like Rose gold, Strawberry blonde, and even Blorange (blonde and orange, wow!), if you’re feeling wild and whacky!

The techniques used to make your hair colour stand out include Colour Melting, Dip Dye, Balayage, Ombre, Eclipting and so on. These methods are used to create special effect hair colors. Traditional highlighting techniques are now being replaced by these creative techniques with hybrid colors and are becoming quite popular among people who want to change to a color close to their natural hair color and even those who want a dramatic change in their look.

Who knows – you might just start a new trend with the colors you choose for your hair. So let your creative spirit free and try a new hair color this summer!

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