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Makeup Tips That’ll Keep You Glowing This Winter

16 Oct. 2018 / Make-Up

Before you put on your makeup, apply a good moisturizer. Be sure the moisturizer is well absorbed before you and ensure that the lotion or cream you choose doesn’t cause any irritation or makes skin flaky. During the winter season, switch to rich colours like plum and burgundy that go very well with fall, autumnal look. With such a bold look one can keep the rest of the make-up minimal, which is a perfect go to for winters.

When it comes to lipsticks, a nice shade of classic or dark red gels very well with dull grey winter wardrobe and adds that festive touch to your whole look. The cheeks can normally flush during winters, making them rosy already so you can add some light pink blush to fine tune the look. The eye make-up when well accentuate that change your complete personality.

So, stick to regular charcoal eyeliners and avoid adding colours like blue or purple during winters. As far as the eye shadow goes, festive colours like gold and copper go very well since metallic shades add the much-needed shimmer to complete the look. Last but not the least, eat well and stay hydrated because a healthy skin is the best make up that you can wear.

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