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Hair Power – Hair Spa Workshop 05 Dec, 2017

Hair-Power-Hair-Spa-WorkshopWith the rise in pollution in our cities, getting a professionally done Hair Spa is the best way to keep our hair and scalp healthy and well-conditioned. It is the best form of therapy for hair regrowth and rejuvenation. Regular hair spa treatments provide relief from dandruff, prevents ageing of the scalp, rejuvenates dull and frizzy hair, regulates oil secretion of the scalp, and cleanses and nourishes both hair and scalp. It is also a relaxing procedure, bringing about a relief from stress, just like a facial does for our face. A hair spa is most beneficial for people whose hair breaks easily, lacks strength, bounce, shine and lustre. At the Hair Spa workshop at Christine Valmy, our Hair Expert taught the students the methods of doing invigorating Hair Spa treatments.

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