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Ombre Nails

01 May. 2019 / Beauty

Bored of monochromatic nails post a manicure? Monochromatic is so last season! Indulge yourself in the flavour of the season – Ombre nails.

Gradient with an explosion of colours will make your nails pop. Faded ombre will give your nails an elegant and sophisticated look.

This summers unleash your creativity by going lighter near your cuticles and painting a deeper shade towards the tips, or vice verse. Take your pick! Play with colours and experiment with hues, as you work on your nail art.

Use your worn out beauty blender, dipped in acetone smudging your nails, achieving a soft ombre look.

Try a faded peach or yellow hue as you welcome the summers. You don’t have to be a seasoned nail expert to attain this look. It’s easy breezy, just need the right colours and dollops of patience and practice.

Go ahead girl, flaunt the summer-ready ombre look.

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