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Summer Bronze Make-up – for that Sun-kissed Glow!

11 Apr. 2018 / Make-Up

One can’t help but love bronze make-up and its intense yet soft, supple shades. The different shades of the bronze make-up palette add oomph (think Jennifer Lopez) to your look. So, try a new look this summer and go bronze!

Add drama to your eyes

Play up your eyes with a muted but shiny eyeliner with shimmer bronze. The metallic finish will up the drama quotient of your eyes. Whether the make-up look is edgy or glamorous, the liner will work for both.

Playing with eye shadow

To highlight your eyes, use a gold or bronze eye shadow, available in a range of hues and intensity. A shimmery finish in warm shades of chocolate or caramel is perfect for a daytime outing with friends or partying into the night! The soft and natural tones of the bronze make-up palette make it so easy to carry a look from day into night.

Glitz cheeks

Before using a bronzer to get that warm glow that is a quintessential part of this style of make-up, don’t forget to use a good foundation, blending it in well. The foundation should preferably be in a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone. Once your face is prepped and ready, give the largest area of your face a warm glow with a bronzer. It will lend your face a luxurious, deep luminosity. Use an angled brush to brush the bronzer under your cheekbones, jawline and over your temples.

Lipstick Magic

To complete your bronze, sun-kissed look, use shades of nude, either soft glosses or lipsticks, for the day. To transition the same look for a night out, bring in intense fruity shades of berry and wine, or even orange and dark chocolate for that luscious and glamourous pop of colour!

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